Prestige Puli

The Hungarian Herding Dog

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Puli Description

The Puli is a lively and extremely intelligent breed.  The breed loves to be a part of family life and particularly resents being ignored or only being included "when convenient."  The dog will live quite happily either as a single dog or with several.  As a family dog, it is ideal, always willing to play with the children and with a fun outlook on life.  The Puli has the added value of acting as an effective warning instrument if strangers approach, as the breed has excellent hearing.  The Puli is a compact, square appearing, well balanced dog of medium size.  Typically a Puli is a lively, acrobatic dog, light, quick, agile and able to change directions instantly. At a collected or contained trot the gait is distinctive, quick-stepping and animated.  He is vigorous, alert and active.  Striking and highly characteristic is the shaggy coat which, combined with his light-footed, distinctive movement, has fitted him for the strenuous work of herding flocks on the plains of Hungary. 

General Appearance
Sturdy, muscular, wiry, with fine bone.  Whole well covered with long (according to age), profuse corded coat.  Long hair overshadows eyes like an umbrella.  Viewed from the side, their trunk and limbs should present a square figure.

A Herding dog, medium sized, nimble, agile, very quick, medium-sized, and extremely intelligent.

By nature, an affectionate, extremely intelligent and home-loving companion.  The Puli is sensibly suspicious and therefore an excellent watchdog.