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Puli Champion Gem at Prestige Puli
Puli Champion Gem at Prestige Puli

We have Puli puppies
born on 04/01/2018

We breed a champion line of Hungarian Pulik.  Pulik is the plural form for Puli.  Puli are Non-shedding and hypoallergenic, which make these dogs extremely appreciated for those that might have allergies to dogs.  Puli are highly intelligent, athletic, affectionate, loving, full of energy, easy to train and they love to be a part of a family, always willing to play with children. They are suspicious of strangers and therefore make a great watchdog for you and your family.  You can keep their hair combed out of make it corded if that’s what you choose.  We are located in Lawton Michigan and have the litters in our home and not in kennels.  All of our Puli puppies are “crate” trained which makes their trips to the vet or shows just an everyday activity.  We do not have any “kennel” type arrangements with our dogs.  All of our Puli and Puli puppies are protected and identified by using the American Veterinary Identification Devices.  This means that your new Puli puppy is already protected for you.  We also recommend using the “invisible fence” system in the yard so that your Puli can run and enjoy the great outdoors if living in a high traffic area.  You can learn more about Invisible fence and the American Veterinary Identification Devices by clicking on the links in our Recommend Links page.

We encourage visitors to come and meet our Pulik.  There are many times that we have Puli puppies for sale here, that are available for you to see and play with.  All of our Pulik love to have a meet and greet day where they too can meet some new friends to enjoy the day.  Here at Prestige Puli we have Puli at various ages and various cord development so that you can see how their coat grows and gets guided to becoming long, beautiful cords.  This helps you to better understand and see just how easy it is to achieve the distinctive look of a corded Puli.  Contact us to set a date for you to visit with us and the wonderful breed of the Puli.  What a great way to meet and learn about the fabulous Hungarian herding dog.  Come join us and spend some quality Puli time with all of the Prestige Pulik.

Don’t forget to check out our Puli puppies for sale page and find a Puli puppy to join you and your family.  You may also want to check out the Testimonials page and see what other people have to say about how their lives have been affected when they added a new Puli puppy to their family from Prestige Puli.  Remember, it’s not a dog, it’s a Puli !!!

VIP Shipping is now available from Prestige Puli:  This service is offered to our clients that do NOT want their Puli puppy to fly alone in the cargo bay of the airplane.  Instead, your Puli puppy is personally escorted by an attendant during the flight and then hand delivered directly to you at the destination airport.  VIP shipping is available only in the USA and requires an up-charge in the shipping cost.

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