Adopt a Puli

Puli GloryFrom time to time we have an older adult Puli that is looking for a new home.  Available adoptions can be for a number of reasons.  Sometimes we are contacted to help relocate a Puli because of an illness in the family and they can no longer care for any animals.  When this happens, we offer to help relocate their loving Puli and find a someone that is looking to adopt an older dog that needs a new loving and caring home.

At Prestige Puli, we make sure that the Puli is healthy, has all of their vaccinations and has been spayed or neutered.  The Puli is very smart, loving and easily adapts to their new family and environment.  We have had great success in uniting adult Pulik with their new families.

If you are looking to add an older adult Puli to your family, now or in the near future, please Contact Us to see if we know of any that are available.

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