Prestige Puli Testimonials

Puli CartoonHeather
Bexley, OH
“Vickisue, I have to tell you how much I love my pulik sister dogs that we got from you 2-1/2 years ago.  One was the little runt and her name is Scout – she is such a love bug and has so much character  -everyone loves to carry her about like a baby and she loves to snuggle.  The other girl is average size – double scouts 20 pounds and her name is Harper – she is so calm and beautiful- they are the perfect match for us and for themselves – like a yin and a yang.  Thank you.  Hope you are all well.  My husband grew up with pulik in NY but these were my first and now I think I will never live without one!”

Cindy and Rob R.
Hudson, MA
“I highly recommend Prestige Puli and Vickisue if you are looking to bring a Puli into your home.   Although I had already owned two other Pulik previously (from other breeders), I was very hesitant when first calling Vickisue because I was grieving the sudden loss of my previous Puli due to illness.  Vickisue was so kind and took the time to talk with me about all my fears and concerns not only on that phone call but on 2 subsequent calls as well.  I am sure that she is very busy and yet she never made me feel rushed or like I was bothering her.  If you are able, I highly recommend visiting her place to meet the Pulik.  It is a wonderful experience, she has many very sweet and smart dogs and she herself is full of energy and joy with great stories.  We were able to choose our puppy, but I am sure that having seen all of them if you are not able to do so you could still be assured that she would choose an excellent puppy for you.  Unlike other breeders she is very open about showing her set up for breeding, raising and weaning the puppies which is actually in her home.  Our puppy Shaq is now 6 months old and is truly one of the best dogs we have ever had.  He is smart, easy to train, full of personality, and very lovable.  He isn’t a barker and he is very easy to socialize with other pets, other dogs and people of all ages.  I really can’t say enough about how thrilled we are that we chose to work with Vickisue.”

Westport, CT
“You gave us the BEST dog on the planet. Öcsi is a pure blessing!!! There are no words to describe this perfect sweetness!!! I’m not exaggerating!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Every single person he meets has to hug and love him. He is crate and potty trained, he can “sit” and “fetch” and “come”. He knows his name. He walks perfectly with a leash. He goes everwhere we go- in the car, to the parade to other people’s homes, to soccer games and everwhere. He is very social and made lots of human and doggie friends. We love him more than anything. It’s hard to describe how special he is. Vickisue – you are one special person and an exceptional breeder of the best dogs!!! Thank you, we are very gratefull that you have given us this special puppy.
With love, Agens, Chris, Abigal, Vivien and Oliver.”

Albuquerque NM
“If you’re looking for the best Puli breeder, look no further! I can’t say enough about VickiSue, and Prestige Puli. What an amazing person and breeder. You truly won’t find anyone better! VickiSue is a women of her word, and kept me in the loop from the moment she found out Andria was expecting. She informed me the minute our Macy was born, and sent photos of Macy from birth until the day I received her. I even have photos of Macy getting her first bath! Since I live so far away, VickiSue had to pick Macy for our family out of the four puppies she had—and can I just tell you that she picked the PERFECT little girl for our family. Thank you, VickiSue for our Angel—we love her SO much. You will absolutely adore meeting and working with VickiSue and will not be disappointed with not only your experience, but with her beautiful breed! Her dogs are absolutely perfect! I also can’t say enough about VIP Shipping. If you’re on the fence at all about paying the extra money to use VIP Shipping to deliver your Puli—don’t hesitate. I have two other Pulik and they came the “cargo” way (which I wasn’t thrilled about—but didn’t have the option). Macy arrived happy, and not at all afraid of loud noises..she wasn’t skittish or shy. She came full of love and kisses, like she’d known me for years. I will never fly another one of my Puli’s in cargo again.”

Chuck, Tammy and Calen
Livonia MI
“In addition to our dog that we currently have, we decided to bring another pet into our family.  Realizing that having a second dog is a big commitment, and being unfamiliar with the Puli breed, we did some research to confirm that this was the breed we wanted.  We checked the internet which was really pretty intimidating, when you consider that breeders are very specialized and experienced.  Despite the fact that I was learning that these rare breeds were not easy to be found.  I was fortunate to find Prestige Puli where I got in contact with VickiSue.  At that point, we started conversing through email and phone calls.  What a stroke of luck for us!  Not only are they kind, knowledgeable and helpful, they clearly love their dogs and puppies, and are truly interested in finding them the best homes.  I was very impressed with the way their dogs are handled and that the puppies are well cared for.  The fact that they have made their home always available to come and visit the dogs confirmed my decision to purchase my dog from them.  To say that we adore Swiffer, (our new puppy), is an understatement.  Dog lovers will understand what I mean.  Swiffer is exactly the pet we had hoped for.  I strongly recommend that you try this wonderful establishment.  It was so easy and we couldn’t be happier had they not helped us through the whole experience!  Thank you David and VickiSue for all you have done for us and giving us our second dog whom we truly, absolutely adore!!!”

Ami and Maximilian
Grosse Pointe MI
“The day that VickiSue came into my life, my entire world brightened. Having just lost my last puli, I was referred to Prestige Puli. She had the perfect little male puli waiting just for me. I was nervous after not having a puppy in so long, but VickiSue made the process so easy, allaying all my worries day and night with e-mails, phone calls, and pictures. When I went to pick up Maximilian he was everything I hoped he would be and more. VickiSue spent a great deal of time discussing how he had been handled and socialized—and it was great to meet Max’s Daddy and the rest of his extended family! All her pulik are exceptionally well-cared for. Prestige Puli is the future of this breed. Max came home a bundle of energy and meticulously cultivated beauty through a breeding program one can only describe as perfection. He fits the breed standard to a tee. What’s more, he’s a brilliant boy—he is the first to understand what is asked of him in puppy class, learns with ease, is extremely loving, funny, and self-confident. I never planned on showing him, but he is so gorgeous, my plans might be changing! Though Max is now five months old, VickiSue and I keep in contact about his life and his future. Thank you, VickiSue, for giving me my beautiful best friend!”

Dan, Lee Ann and Willis
Philadelphia PA
“Prestige Puli made extending our family with Willis very easy. First of all, VickiSue communicated with us clearly about the flight information, and Willis was fully prepared with a crate, food, and the necessary papers. When Willis arrived, it was evident the care and love he received prior to joining our family. The passion and training given to him made it a natural transition into our lives. When he arrived he was just as excited to become a part of our family as we were happy to have him. Thank you for your passion and care for Willis. He is such a loving puppy and a joy to have with us.”

Donna and Kiefer R
“When I wanted a Puli, I knew that I would love the energetic kooky dog…. We got that!! But I was so afraid of the cording process, Thank you VickiSue for your advice and the “Striking the right cord” book. I get it now. It is not as scary as I thought. Thank you again for all of your help and support.”

“My name is Jan. I’m in NC and have a puppy from Prestige Puli, which I received in July. I spoke with many Pulik breeders on the phone and via email, and Vickisue stood out among them all. ( I spoke with 3 or 4 breeders ). Vickisue was the most helpful, friendly, and always happy to talk to me every day. She has been so helpful, concerned, and available for me and my questions, and she has been so very easy to talk to, work with, and is very understanding. I love my puppy from Prestige Puli. She is healthy, happy, growing, and receives great vet checks. She is loving, easy to train, a clown and a love bug and is just wonderful! I highly recommend Prestige Puli !! Wishing you the best. You can’t go wrong with Prestige Puli in my opinion.”

Sharon R
Inglish FL
“Thank you for sending me “Vincent”. He turned out to be smart, beautiful, and very obedient. He is the smartest dog that I have ever owned. I have to admit it was hard to buy a puppy without being able to pick him out myself, and instead, pick him up at the airport. Which went very smooth by the way. VickiSue, you matched me with the perfect dog. At 9 weeks old, he could sit, shake, and was house broke. Just like you said that he would be. You are an honest person that I look forward to meeting. Thank you again.”