Thank You

Barb Edwards
Barb Edwards Shadow Box

Barb Edwards
Pytdain Kennels
Brighton CO
Once in a lifetime you find a true mentor, for me that person is Barb Edwards…  This gracious lady introduced me to the world of the Corded Dog.  She is always there to answer questions like: It really is supposed to look like this?  She would laugh & remind me to be patient and keep separating cords.  We have had endless conversations on life in general and wisdom on dogs, while surrounded with her champion pulik.  She has shared with me lots of cord separating time and many stories on the history of the breed.  And definitely great advice, “If you show – Have Fun”, “If you Lose, get used to it. It will happen.”  Just remember to love every moment with your dogs & remember they are not just dogs they are PULIK!!!!!  She is a great lady, an asset to the breed, and I am privileged to know her and call her my friend.

David Hickmott
We appreciate his endless hours designing our Prestige Puli Website… And his willingness to share his world with all our corded canine children… which brings new challenges & laughter everyday… Life is never boring…

Nancy Whelan
A great friend who has shown true devotion to the breed from moment one.  Willing to help transport, show, and become Aunt Nancy to all of our Prestige Pulik…  Her day to day support is priceless.  We wish her best of luck with her two Pulik, Dee Dee & Annie, as they start their show careers.

Kari Sak
Happy Trails Grooming
Ostemo MI
“Owner of CH Prestige Starlight Pudge”, Kari’s professional grooming expertise and endless hours to help maintain Prestige You-R-A Gem’s coat.  That is apparent every time he enters the show ring…  He thinks he is the top gun.  “We kind of think so too!”

Mike McCartney Americas most beloved canine caricature artist. I have had the privilege to meet Mike in Denver Co. at the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show.  I commissioned 4 wonderful original pieces of Puli art. We use these special creations as litter announcements, congratulations and other various gifts.  Every year I look forward to the new Puli artwork that he has designed for us.  He lends his sense of humor to his work with all dog breeds.  I highly recommend you to visit his website at .  You will not be disappointed, his work is as unique as the Puli breed.